Step 1 : Head Line
Major line extending diagonally from edge of palm below index finger, toward the center or edge of the palm.
The first line to be examined is the Head line. This line is used to indicate your thinking processes. As indicated by the sample palm shown on the screen, this line usually starts at a point about halfway between the base of the forefinger and the base of the thumb. It may bend or curve down toward the heel of the hand, as it does on the sample palm, or it may travel straight across the palm. It is not unusual for the line to be shorter, reaching only halfway across the palm.
If you are right-handed, you should look at your right palm.

If you are left-handed, you should look at your left palm.

Once you have located your Head line, use the mouse to select from the list of possible descriptions as listed on the right. For example, the Head line on the sample palm would be considered "steeply curved" because it turns sharply downward. Sometimes a line appears to be made of little circles, ovals, or other open shapes, like a chain. If that is how your line looks, select "chained".

After you have marked the items that describe the Head line, click the NEXT button.

Head Line Characteristics
Length, Shape
Check one:
 Gently Curved
 Steeply Curved
Check one:
 Clear and Solid
 Broken and Irregular
And Check, if applicable:
 Barely Visible
Check any that apply:
 Joined to Life Line
 Ends in Fork or Branch
 Branches up to Finger